CIX Developer Documentation

API Guidelines

Guidelines provide advice and best practices for using the CIX API.

Most API methods that return lists offer the option to filter the list before it is returned. Filtering allows you to limit the data by a collection of criteria, only returning specifically what you need and reducing the volume of data returned.
Explains how to use the API sync and commit feature to robustly retrieve all messages added or changed since the last sync point. If you are writing a CIX off-line reader, refer to this document for guidance. For web-based readers, it is suggested that that you use the topic or conversation APIs instead.
The current version of the CIX API is v3 which replaces v2. This document explains the differences between v2 and v3 and provides guidance for updating v2 clients to use the v3 API.
List of known bugs and limitations with the API.
Sample code for the API hosted on GitHub.