CIX Developer Documentation

The CIX API provides a standards based interface to the CIX Forums platform. It contains a full set of functions that allow you the developer to both add new and access existing content. We have made every effort to make the methods logical and easy to understand. And have also endevoured to include full documentation, and examples where appropriate.

Refer to the sections below for guidance on using the CIX API.


Before you get started with using the CIX API, you will first need to create and register a client with CIX. A client is an unique ID and name that allows your code to authenticate with the CIX API using a CIX username and password. Almost all the API methods will require you to first authenticate before you can use them.

Authentication Guide

All calls to the CIX API require authentication. Two separate authentication methods are supported: OAuth2 and Resource Owner Password Grant. The method you choose depends on your requirements. Refer to the appropriate section on the Authentication page for guidance and instructions on how to use each.

API Documentation

The CIX API uses a REST-based interface. This means that our method calls are made over the internet by sending HTTP GET or POST requests to our REST server. You can opt to have method results returned as either XML or JSON, depending on your preference. Refer to the API Documentation for more details and to try out each method call interactively. (Note that you will require an account with CIX to be able to use the method calls.)

API Guidelines

Guidelines are provided to help you make the optimal use of the CIX API. Developers are advised to refer to the guidelines as appropriate.

Getting Help

The best way of getting help if you get stuck is to ask a question in the cix.developer forum. Where the CIX dev team and other participants will do their best to assist.